Last Updated: May 30, 2017 04:25PM PDT

Exhibitors are permitted to attend the open (non-ticketed) Scientific Sessions, provided that space is available. The Scientific Sessions are a separate forum from the promotional activities of the Exhibit Hall; therefore, exhibitors or company representatives attending educational sessions are expected to attend for the purposes of hearing the scientific information and not for the purposes of debate with speakers and other participants.

Although the ACR makes every attempt to accommodate all attendees, due to room size limitations, the ACR cannot guarantee a seat at any of the Scientific Sessions. In the event that room capacity is achieved, priority will be given to registered scientific attendees. Any attendee, including exhibitors or company representatives, displaying disruptive behavior during Scientific Sessions will be dismissed from the meeting.

Exhibitors interested in attending any of the ticketed sessions must register as a paid scientific attendee and purchase a ticket for the session.