Last Updated: May 30, 2017 04:28PM PDT

Groups of 10 rooms or more may be reserved by submitting an Online Room Block Request.

To get started, review the map of all ACR contracted hotels including room rates.

Note that it is required for you to sign the Group Booking Contract within 48 hours of receipt. Rooms/suites will be released if signed documents are not received within 48 hours. Please submit both documents by sending us a message through the ACR/ARHP Registration & Hotel Support Center. 

Group rooming list: Rooming lists with complete names are due on September 6, 2017. Any unused rooms, where names have not been provided by this date, will be released. Please use the rooming list spreadsheet through your Group Block Management Account online. You have the option to upload the list yourself or send us the list to process. To download the rooming list spreadsheet, please log in to your Group Block Management Account online. Please send us a message if you do not know your login credentials.

Group Attrition: Groups must actualize 80% of the contracted block to avoid attrition penalties. For an entire room block cancellation, please refer to your Group Booking contract for details regarding the applicable fees.

Note that rooms requested through this site may not request breakfast/packaged coupons or porterage. To reserve an all-inclusive International group package, please visit the CMR Global Group Services Website.