Last Updated: May 30, 2017 03:21PM PDT

Note that changes on or after October 27, 2017 must be made directly with your hotel.

Changes to Individual Reservations:
  1. You may send us a message through the ACR/ARHP Registration & Hotel Support Center.
  2. You may call toll-free at 800-990-2446 or at 415-979-2286, Monday through Friday, 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Pacific Time.
  3. You may fax your changes to 415-293-5231.

Changes for groups with 10 or more rooms:
Option 1: Process multiple changes at once by using the change rooming list template (Excel spreadsheet).
  1. Log in to your group account online: ACR/ARHP Group Block Management. If you do not know your login credentials, please send us a message.
  2. Download the change rooming list template.
  3. Enter your changes into the columns labeled with the word CHANGE: Change Last Name, Change First Name, Change Roommate Last Name, Change Roommate First Name, Change Arrival Date, Change Departure Date, Change Roommate Arrival, Change Roommate Departure, etc. All other columns are locked and non-editable.
  4. If you have unassigned rooms remaining in your block, add the reservation information on the "ADDS" tab of the spreadsheet.
  5. Click on the UPLOAD link to process your rooming list. If you prefer, you may send the list directly to ACR Housing for processing. This is the only format acceptable for submission of your rooming list. To submit your rooming list to ACR Housing for processing, send us a message and include the change rooming list document as an attachment. Please note, if the rooming list was not uploaded successfully, do not attempt to upload the rooming list a second time. Please send us a message to have us process your rooming list.
  6. Once the rooming list is processed, you may click on the Booking List link to view and print a confirmation listing report.
  7. Note: All date extension requests are subject to availability.
Option 2: For existing reservations, you may submit your changes/cancels by selecting the button "Add/Change Rooms for this hotel". An online rooming list will open in a new window with all reservations made to-date. You may change, cancel, or update financials on one or more of your reservations. If there are rooms remaining in your block, assign names to the rooms by completing the name, occupancy, arrival and departure date information for each unassigned room. Roommate information is optional. Use the Submit Reservations button to process your room assignments.